2022, Argillà OFF

Friday, September 02, 7 p.m.

Night Talk
Luce Raggi, Martina Dalmonte, Lucio Angelini spoke.
Edited by Viola Emaldi
Saturday, September 3, 10 p.m.


For the realization of this large-scale outdoor intervention, the artist chose the ideal art form: murals or wallpainting, a painting technique beloved and already pioneered by Luce in California, China, and Mexico where he makes large paintings on the exterior walls of public buildings, galleries, and underground cultural spaces. Raggi recovers this form of expression, finding it suitable for conveying his own poetics.
The technique employed is the same as that used for the fresco. The project “Another ceramic brick in the wall” will invest the entire façade of the building for a total area of 40sqm: the outer masonry wall will be used by the artist as a monochrome terracotta-colored canvas/background on which to paint a pattern of bricks, rendered only in their black, two-dimensional outlines. And so the brick becomes a decorative pattern, both figurative and abstract, which gives the building a special elegance integrated with the surrounding urban landscape and at the same time makes it conspicuous in its distinctiveness.
Conceptually, as in a surrealist game, the work is not what it claims to be, beginning with the title Another ceramic brick in the wall.
Here the purpose of painting is to confuse and evoke-in this case ceramics, the symbol of the city-to show us that there is a distinction between the plane of the real and the plane of the image. Thus, at first glance the facade appears to be brick, then one realizes that these are literally painted.
The title of the work then, recalling the well-known Pink Floyd song-which talks about how people can feel like any brick in a wall-sounds like a contemporary manifesto to individual freedom and the common good.

Mural intervention by Luce Raggi and Live set by Wilbi DJ
Casa Studio Raggi & Another Fucking Gallery, 48 Baccarini Avenue, Faenza