Hornera Project

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2022, Argillà OFF

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“There are times in life when we need to reconnect with other dimensions of existence to understand the nature of the transformations taking place here and now…” Anish Kapoor
Shape with our hands, under vacuum, like the baker, to create our nest, and offer a shelter of mud.
Furnarius rufus
The hornero, an emblematic bird distinguished neither by its plumage nor its song, but by the fantastic nest it builds. Your small brick house can be found in almost any corner of the country, in the middle of the rural or urban landscape.
This South American bird lives in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, but in Argentina it has special value.
It is a sociable bird that lives close to people and is known as a hardworking animal because of the powerful nest it builds using its beak as its only tool.
Of admirable simplicity, this bird with earthy-colored plumage is identified with the property of bringing good luck.
The clay, the pot.
The shelter, the nest.
The HORNERA project refers to this beautiful bird, a southern mainland dweller and companion on my patio.
It refers to his way of inhabiting time and place, with all simplicity, of one who creates and creates by his own means, who defines and builds his own life, in his own nest.
Construction, in which he creates a ritual with matter, mainly mud, as well as small twigs and straw.
The hornero is a working bird and is associated with the working class.
To make HORNERA is to offer like this beautiful bird, that emptiness that materialized in the clay. Create the habitat to live in, fly when it is time, offer it for others to use, discover it in another medium, and time fulfills its destiny: earth returns to earth.
A simple process of construction and dispossession over time.