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Festival Internazionale della Ceramica e Mostra Mercato
International Ceramics Festival and Market-Fair


Settore/Sector F – Piazza del Popolo & Settore/Sector I – Corso Mazzini | Stand F33-34 & I23-24

City: Jingdezhen
Nation: China

The spring bowl is designed for the spring festival in China. It is decorated with cobalt and overglaze pigment. The pattern on the bowl shows the scenery in spring, and the phoenix on the top represents hope and good blessings. The city of Jingdezhen, famous for its porcelain all over the world, participates in Argillà Italia with four companies:
Jingdezhen Zhenshang Co.,Ltd.
Jingdezhen Jingye Ceramics Company
Jingdezhen Jingxinzhai Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Jingdezhen Xiaojingxuan Ceramics Co., Ltd

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