Thomas Benirschke / Magic Pottery Wheel

01/09 - 02/09
Piazza della Libertà

September 1, h 10-22
September 2, h 10-20

MAGIC POTTERY WHEEL with Thomas Benirschke – Participatory Activity

The magic happens thus: Everybody creates his own designs, first in the form of an idea on paper, a sketch, a drawing or a model.

Employing 4 hands, these ideas will be thrown and shaped in three dimensions out of clay on the mobile pottery wheel.

One person cranks the wheel by hand, while children and adults, together with Thomas Benirschke, “four-handedly” throw figures and vessels.

The art creations can be taken home, and they can be fired later.

Thomas Benirschke
Helmrichs Mühle  –  Eltviller Straße 4b
D-65399 Kiedrich
Tel. +49 (0) 6123 3955