Sunstorm – the sun can be seen from a high point of view

31/08 - 02/09
Former Futura Gym
Argillà OFF

Opening hours: 10-19.

A project by Rosa Isabel Bruzzese – RBI – Ars ceramiche e dipinti (Genova)

Pontedecimo, Genoa 1986

Scraps of ceramic
one after one have been put
in a paper box
and unconsciously
a very slow sunrise is born.

20th September 2015
Observatory tower of Genoa – Righi –

I’m watching the sun
and he, like a child,
is drawing for me
a tree, a house, a picket fence
The imagine is strong
she is picked in my mind
Pieces of handicraft
Paintings, colours, Thrills and feelings
Everything becames art

365 elements, they rappresent the sun and they compose an unique work with the title: “Sunstorm, the sun can be seen from a high point of view”.

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