Perspectives / Angelo Spagnolo

30/08 - 02/09
Masini Theatre - Ridotto Hall

Opening hours: 10-20.

Inauguration September 1, h 12

Perspective is knowing how to create shapes by using lines.
In Angelo Spagnolo’s works, every object originates from an idea, which is then developed starting from a drawing, followed by a model created with paper and the subsequent modelling of the clay.

It is a complete path, merging the professionalism of the designer and the ceramist, a tactile creativity, due to the profound knowledge of the ceramic material and the continuous experimenting in the laboratories.

The exhibition offers a journey in the stylistic innovation of the ceramic district of Nove (Veneto region), an excursus in the ‘Forme dell’utile’ (Useful Objects) which Angelo Spagnolo has created for SICA (then SICART), LINEASETTE and now for BOTTEGANOVE

In collaboration with the Municipality of Nove.

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