Onggi, building the tradition

Carlo Zauli Museum

Workshop hours: 10.30-14.

Onggi is a workshop / demonstration tthat will be held by the Korean artist Hyangjong Oh in the garden of the Museo Carlo Zauli on the occasion of Argillà Italia, Friday 31 August 2018.

The artist will build, with the help of the participants, a traditional 2-meter tall Onggi Korean vase.
The Onggi vases were born in 4000 BC for the stocking of sauces and foods to be fermented; the high percentage of sand present in the earth allows the air to filter through the walls. The form has made

these vases immortal and object of research by international contemporary artists.

Participants will learn the construction technique and will actively participate in the creation of the vase-sculpture.

The same vase will then be glazed by the artist in Piazza della Libertà, during a performative moment open to the public on Saturday 1st September at 9.30pm.

The project continues the successful collaboration between the Museo Carlo Zauli and Officine Saffi, the gallery based in Milan engaged in a deep and intense research on contemporary international ceramics.

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In collaboration with Officine Saffi Milano and Museo Carlo Zauli.