Devotion Buildings / Matteo Naggi

31/08 - 02/09
CEFAL Faenza
Argillà OFF

Opening hours:
August 31, h 16-22
September 1, h 10-22
September 2, h 10-20

Inauguration September 1, h16.30

The FACC presents the solo exhibition of the artist Matteo Naggi as a result of his artistic residency in Faenza.

Naggi’s project is inspired by modern Asian architecture and personal reflection on making sculpture in the contemporary art.
“I do not think these works are sculptures only, but also buildings “- Matteo Naggi.

The exhibition will be organized in collaboration with CEFAL in Faenza.

tel. +39 0546 46936

The exhibition will be open until September 6, 2018.