Ceramiche da Castelli

30/08 - 02/09
Masini Theatre - Ridotto Hall

Opening hours: 10-20

Inauguration September 1, h 12

The Municipality of Castelli (Abruzzo region) – whose tradition in the production of artistic ceramics dates back to the sixteenth century – participates in Argillà Italia through two renowned representatives of the current ceramic production.

Dina Di Francesco is the owner of a small craft company that produces artistic ceramics in Castelli. The style is mainly traditional: decorations inspired by the famous ceiling of San Donato, the Orsini-Colonna set, the seventeenth-century production, both landscape and figurative, the nineteenth-century ‘fioraccio’.

DiGiosaffatte – Art is an artistic workshop that, continuing on the innovative and ultra-contemporary path of the beloved and celebrated artist Vincenzo Di Giosaffatte (former director of the Art Institute of Castelli “F. A. Grue”), proposes a passionate research work on the ceramic material, with suggestive and unexpected results.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Castelli.