Ceramic&Colours Award 2018 / Ceramic with melted glass, crystalline poems

30/08 - 02/09
Sala delle Bandiere

Opening hours: 10-20

Award ceremony: September 1, h 18

Ceramic&Colours Award is an international contest aiming at the research and development in the field of ceramics techniques.

More than 200 artists from all over the world have participated in the 2018 edition, freely developing the “Ceramic with melted glass” technique; the 60 works selected for the final phase are on display in this exhibition.

The contest, organized by the Faenza Art Ceramic Center, is supported by the Municipality of Faenza, the International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza and the Italian Association of Cities of Ceramics (AiCC).

The exhibition can be visited also before Argillà Italia, from August 4 onwards.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, h 8-14.